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PLEASE NOTE: The War In Angola Information Portal is NOT a Veteran's Organisation, but just what it says: an information portal... where Veterans of all the participating sides may post their stories and upload the photos, and obtain more information on all sorts of aspects of the war.

It is still very much a Work-in-Progress... a ten-year project that has been ongoing since 2007.

Its current membership comprises of users that have registered on the portal in order to gain access to more information and features. Each user can link to their historical units and also to their current Veterans Organisations for the purposes of making contact with old comrades and friends.


Johan Schoeman



About the War in Angola Information Portal

19 November 2012.

Welcome to The War In Angola Information Portal!

The initial concept had originally been limited to the semi-conventional battles that occurred in the latter part of the conflict, from around August 1987 through June 1988 (which comprised of Operations Moduler, Hooper, Packer, and Displace). However, over the number of years of this website's existence, demand for information on the earlier operations have increased significantly and it therefore had become essential to expand the scope accordingly. I have therefore included an Introduction to the conflict from 1961 when Angola was a Portuguese Colony up to its independence on 11 November 1975, when the conflict escalated with direct South African involvement during Operation Savannah, and I am trying to include and cover every major external operation that South Africa conducted across the borders of the then South West Africa into Angola. Wherever possible I will include localised operations against SWAPO insurgents within the borders of SWA as well, so that a rather comprehensive understanding of the conflict can be established.

There are essentially FOUR PARTS to this website:

The Basic part (HOME), where the Home page and this section about the site are included, as well as Contact Details, Web Statistics, and a new Site Search.

The LIBRARY, where historical and reference information on everything relating to the war are kept, from Historical Accounts, Order Of Battles, Galleries, Maps, Videos, Music and Songs, Weapons and Equipment, to the SADF's Roll of Honour, SADF Unit Profiles on over 1,000 SADF units, SADF Medals and Decorations, and on every SADF Operation in SWA/Angola that I could find. It also includes a comprehensive Glossary with over 3,600 items, and a Bibliography of reference material I used.

The BATTLE ROOM, which essentially are the GAMING part of the site, and in which information from the LIBRARY are used to compile and create Scenarios based on real live battles which can be re-fought on the table-top in miniature. It includes an overview on what historical miniature wargaming is all about, as well as other interesting articles on terrain-building, models available, painting, rules to play, Battle Reports and Galleries of games already played...

The COMMUNITY, which comprises of over 3,100 registered users with interests in matters relating to the war in Angola. Here users may interact by sending messages and email to one another, become Buddies, post in related Forums and link themselves to the many Unit Profiles, Medals, and Operations listed so that other users may find them by unit, year, operation, medal, or even by Name, subunit and/or appointed position within that unit. Registered users also have access to the downloadable weekly newsletters, of which four volumes of 26 issues are already available (some of the issues have been mad available to the public as well). SADF Veterans can request the FREE SADF WAR VETERAN (OUMAN) sticker which will be posted out for free if you reside in South Africa. I have also set up some distribution points in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, although its a challenge to get the stickers across to them in a affordable way so that the sticker can continue to be distributed to all SADF Veterans for FREE.

The Online Store provides the War In Angola COMMUNITY with the tools to order select items like Books, DVDs, Miniatures and related items, and pay through a secure payment mechanism like PayPal.

As you will notice as you work through the content of this website, there are really two types of content:

  • Content relating to actual events, structures, equipment, discussions and accounts, which includes sections such as:
    • Chronology
    • Historical Analysis
    • Part of the Gallery
    • Events of the time
    • Videos
    • Music and Songs
    • The Units
    • Historical Accounts
    • Most of the Forums
    • Some of the Maps
    • The Equipment
  • Content relating to the miniature gaming aspects of re-fighting the battles of the war, and includes:
    • Part of the Gallery
    • Wargaming Events and Scheduled Refights
    • Orders Of Battle
    • Scenarios
    • Battle Reports
    • Dedicated Forums about the rules and miniatures used
    • The Rules
    • Some reworked Maps
    • The Situation Timeline (based on educated guesses)
    • The Miniatures

The line between actual and gaming blurs a little as I attempt to marry up the two types of content through extensive research. My ideal is to base most of the gaming scenarios and conditions on actual situations and events AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE with the given information available. To this effect, I will be adjusting unit orders of battle and TO&Es continually as new information and input from members and archives and books become available. The same goes for equipment lists and fighting tables used in the gaming mechanism.

I appreciate all input and information from all participants and experts. Hopefully this will all help me maintain a balanced and well-informed content which considers the viewpoint from all the sides, without being unjustifiably biased to either one, despite the fact that I was once a member of the SADF. As a wargamer, I endeavour to create scenarios that are closest to the actual circumstances and give either side a fighting chance on the table top. You never know, as a competitive wargamer you may just end up playing the “other side”....!

For the not-so-informed, I include a section about the origins of wargaming in a link on top of this page. I will be adding all sorts of topics here specifically to assist the new wargamer in getting involved in refighting the War In Angola battles.... Topics will include items like:

  • Introduction to wargaming
  • Collecting and building a miniature army
  • Painting your figures
  • Creating terrain
  • Introduction to the Battlegroup ruleset
  • Refighting your first battle
  • The Seven Gambits of War
  • Strategy and tactics used
  • Doctrines and standard operating procedures

These will be accompanied by appropriate discussion topics in the Forums inviting visitors and members to the site to comment and contribute ideas and tips. We may even be able to get some experts to contribute proper miltary analysis reports on the actual battles and possibly even on the miniature refights!

All the best. I do hope you will be able to both benefit from and fully appreciate the mass of information available here. I have not yet published 5% of the material I currently have and hope to increase that percentage considerably over the next couple of years. So PLEASE DO COME BACK REGULARLY....

Please do net hesitate to send me your ideas and comments (and the battle reports and photos of your own re-fights).


Johan Schoeman 


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