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Photos from Militaryphotos.Net

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 T-55 shot out near the Lomba river by a Mongol (ZT-3)


The First tank destroyed by the “Mongol“ system. It was shot out by Major Hannes Nortmann and his crew. The missile caused a massive internal explosion that blew the turret clear of the hull.


The second tank destroyed by Nortmann with the ZT-3. The turret was also blown off and landed back on the tank over its engine hatches at the rear.  


Major Nortmann in front of the 3rd tank he destroyed on the 10th September 1987. He was using the pre-production Ratel ZT-3. The series of photos is from Helmoed-Romer Heitman's War in Angola: the Final Phase.


This tank was hull down in a defensive position. It was taken out with an Olifant using a 105mm APFSDS that passed through the sand berm in front of the tank and penetrated the turret just above the gunners sight aperture.


16 Brigade T-55 that was shot out by an E-Squadron Olifant. Note the penetration to the turret front.


A 21 Brigade T-54 after their positions were attacked and overun. There were 9 tanks shot out or captured in these positions.


A 21 Brigade tank captured, complete with mine ploughs. 


Another shot out tank with dead FAPLA or Cuban tanker beside. RIP to the tanker. 


A shot out T-55 of 59 brigade. The tank suffered catastrophic secondary explosions after it's ammunition exploded.


This tank was hit with 2 APFSDS. One penetration on the top left, and one on the bottom right of the turret.


A 59 Brigade T-55 shot out.The picture is fascinating as the engagement range was only 50 meters! The APFSDS hit high on the turret and still penetrated even with the very shallow angle. The other marks seen on the turret were actually caused by the pieces of sabot that hit the turret due to the very short range!


This T-55 glacis was penetrated by a 105mm APFSDS.


A T-55 turret hit by a 105mm HEAT round.


An F-Squadron Olifant passes by one of the 130mm M-46 guns captured during the attack on 21 Brigade. Note the almost obscured Ratel in the backround ..... not conducive terrain to fighting with armoured vehicles!


2 M-46's captured from 21 Brigade.


Evening pic from an Olifant during the attack on 21 Brigade.


Infantry and Olifant tanks during 4 SAI's attempt to cut off 21 Brigade.


A TMM bridge destroyed during the destruction of 47 Brigade at the Lomba.


A destroyed 21 Brigade BRDM-2 shout out by a Ratel-90 of 61 Mech.


Olifant MBT's and Ratels in Angola during the fighting 1987/88.


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