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FAPLA Equipment & Specifications
23mm and 30mm Automatic Anti-Aircraft Guns

Some specifications taken from an old manual from my training days at School of Artillery: "Weapons and Equipment, East European and Communist Armies, Volume II":


23mm automatic antiaircraft gun ZU-23
30mm automatic antiaircraft gun M53

The ZU-23 is the newest Soviet light towed automatic antiaircraft gun which is replacing the older quad 14.5mm antiaircraft heavy machinequn ZPU-4 in many Warsaw Pact armies. To date it has been identified with the Soviet, Polish, and East German forces. In addition it has been exported elsewhere and has been encountered in Southeast Asia. The ZU-23 is a full-automatic, gas-operated weapon which fires ammunition with the same cartridge case dimensions as those used on the obsolete 23mm automatic aircraft gun VYa. The tubes are of the quick-change type and the guns have vertical sliding wedge breechblocks. Care must be taken to distinguish the ZU-23 from the very similar appearing late model ZPU-2. The size and shape of the ammunition boxes and the shape of the flashhiders are two ready recognition features. The same basic 23mm automatic gun as used on the ZJ-23 is also found in a quad liquid-cooled version on the self-propelled ZSU-23-4.

The Czechoslovak twin 30mm automatic antiaircraft gun M53 plays the same role in that country as the 14.5mm and 23mm automatic weapons do in other Warsaw Pact countries. The M53 features a quick barrel change and is a gas-operated, fun-automatic weapon. Its ammunition is not interchangeable with that of the 30mm aircraft guns. A modified version, the M53/59, is mounted on an armored truck.

Caliber mm 23 30
Length of tube in cals   81 25.25
Length of tube overall mm 2010 2429
Weight in firing position kg 950* 2000
Weiqht in travel position kg 950* 2100
Length in travel position mm 4570 7587
Width in travel position mm 1830 1758
Height in travel position mm 1870 1753
Track mm 1670 1575
Clearance mm 360 300
Tire size    6.00x16  
Height of axis of bore 0° mm 620 860
Elevation ° +90 +85
Depression ° -10 -10
Traverse ° 360 360
Rate of fire per tube:      
                           cyclic rpm 800-1000 450-500
                           practical rpm 200 100
Feed   50-rd belt 10-rd clip
Projectile weight:  HEI kg 0.19 0.45
                           API kg 0.189 0.45
Muzzle velocity:    HEI m.s 970 1000
                           API m.s 970 1000
Maxi muni-range:  horizontal m 7000 9700
                           vertical m 5100 6300
Effective AA range m 2500 3000
Pointblank range:     API m 900  
       2m high target      
Armor penetration:   API mm 25 55
       0°/500nm mm   ---
Crew   5 4
Unit of fire rds 2400  
*with ammunition      

23mm ZU-23-2 AA Gun

Downloaded from the SADF's Border War, SAtruth.Co.Za, copyright ©Omutumua Oshili - image available under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence 3.0.





23mm ZU-23-2 AA gun


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