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FAPLA Equipment & Specifications
37mm and 57mm Automatic Anti-Aircraft Guns

Some specifications taken from an old manual from my training days at School of Artillery: "Weapons and Equipment, East European and Communist Armies, Volume II":


37mm automatic antiaircraft gun M1939
37mm automatic antiaircraft gun M1939 (twin)
57mm automatic antiaircraft gun S-60
57mm automatic antiaircraft gun (Czechoslovak model)

The Soviet recoil-operated 37mm antiaircraft guns are based on a Bofors design and closely resemble the 40mm guns used in both the British and United States forces during World War II. Although the single mount is the most common version, a twin mount was produced and has been exported to Algeria. The Soviet Navy also employs a twin water-cooled version closely reselling the multi-mount United States 40mm guns used in World War II. The Soviet 37mm guns have hydraulic recoil buffers and spring recunerators. The breechblocks are of the rising block type. The field mobile weapon may be equipped with a shield. There is no provision for radar fire control.

The 57mm S-60 gun is a recoil-operated weapon which has replaced the earlier 37mm models in most Warsaw Pact units. It is a powerful weapon, well suited to attack armored vehicles as well as low-flying aircraft. In addition to on-carriage optical fire control, the S-60 also employs off-carriage fire control with the PUAZO-6/60 director and the SON-9 or SON-9A radars. Originally the PUAZO-5 director and SON-4 radar were used. Further improved director/radar combinations have also become available in recent years.

Recognition features of the S-60 are the long, thin tube with multi-perforated nuzzle brake, distinctive gun shield which folds down and the horizontal feed tray which holds the four-round clips. The normal Soviet prime mover is the Ural-375 truck. A twin version, the S-68, is mounted on the self-propelled ZSU-57-2, and twin and quad versions are used by tie Soviet Navy. It should be noted that the ammunition for the 57mm antiaircraft guns is not interchangeable with that used by the 57mm antitank and assault guns. This is due to the different configuration and dimensions of the cartridge cases.

Both the 37mm gun M1939 and 57mm' gun S-60 are used in Communist China where they are known as the Type 55 and Type 59 respectively.

In addition to these weapons, a distinctive 57mm automatic gun was produced in Czechoslovakia and is still used in some units in that country. It can be distinguished by the absence of a muzzle brake, the distinctive shield and the placing of the recoil system both above and below the tube.

Caliber mm 37 57 57
Length of tube in cals   66.7 71  
Length of tube overall mm 2729 4390 4000
Weight in firing position kg 2100* 4500 5150
Weiqht in travel position kg 2100* 4600  
Length in travel position mm 6036 8500 5500
Width in travel position mm 1937* 2054  
Height in travel position mm 2105* 2370 2000
Track mm 1545 1935  
Clearance mm 360 380  
Tire size    6.50x20 34x7  
Height of axis of bore 0° mm 1100 1300  
Elevation ° +85 +85 +87
Depression ° -5 -4 -5
Traverse ° 360 360 360
Rate of fire per tube:        
                           cyclic rpm 160-180 105-120 80-90
                           practical rpm 80 70  
Feed   5-rd clip 4-rd clip 3-rd clip
Projectile weight:  HE kg 0.73 2.8 2.58
                           APHE kg 0.76 3.1 3.1
                           HVAP kg 0.62 --- ---
Muzzle velocity:    HE m.s 880 1000 1005
                           APHE m.s 880 1000 1005
                           HVAP m.s 960 --- ---
Maxi muni-range:  horizontal m 9500 12000 12000
                           vertical m 6700 8800 8800
Effective AA range        
             Off-carriage control m --- 6000 6000
             On-carriage control m 3000 4000 4000
Pointblank range:       APHE     1100 1100
         2m high target  HVAP     --- ---
Armor penetration:     APHE' mm 46 106 106
         0°/500nm         HVAP mm   --- ---
Crew   8 7 7
Unit of fire rds 200 200 200
*without shield, shield weighs 100 kg        

37mm AA Gun

57mm S-60 AA Gun


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