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Secret histories. Africa. Undeclared war.


Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary Released: REN TV Director: Daria Melnikova, Igor Prokopenko, Eugene Peshkov Africa. Undeclared war. (Ether: 2009-02-26) In the 70's and 80's in Mozambique and Angola under the leadership of the Soviet military units preparing to rebel. Their objective - the establishment of friendly regimes Moscow, the spread of communist ideas in the African continent. They oppose the "reconnaissance commandos" - the elite units of the armed forces of South Africa. Their training, fighting techniques and today remain a mystery "seven seals. The former commander of this unit will tell about the customs and manners "soldiers for hire", for those who are used to survive in the deadly jungles, fighting in small groups in the hinterland, for hundreds of kilometers from the front lines.


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