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About The War In Angola
Inland Exploration

The abolishment of slavery had not put an end to the chronic wars. To make up for the loss in revenues, taxes were raised on own initiative by the governor of Sa de Bandeira. Enforcing this on the natives resulted in more conquests and harsher methods of control.

It started in 1838 with an expedition up to Cassanje, which is located between the Lui and Cuango rivers, followed by confirmation of Portuguese authority over the area between Moçamedes (Namibe) and the Cunene, as well as the conquest of the central highland up to the Cubango and the upper-flow of the Zambezi. In the north, Ambriz was conquered in 1858, followed by the construction of military posts at Quibaxe, Bernbe, and Sào Salvador. Efforts to conquer the Congo estuary were thwarted by the British.

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