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About The War In Angola
The forming of the FNLA

The FNLA emerged from some movements among the Bakongo-nation. The most important of these was the Uniào das Populaçoes do Norte de Angola – UPNA (Union of the nations of northern Angola), which was created in 1957, shortly after the forming of the MPLA, by groups settled at Leopold City and Matadi, with Manuel Barros Nacaca as president. Apparently the UPNA endeavored for the restoration of the old Congo-kingdom, and had Bokongo-followers in three states, namely Angola, the Belgian-Congo, and Congo-Brazzaville. Because of this, it was difficult to obtain international support for the organization and it was therefore decided to send Holden Roberto on a mission through Africa and America. (J. Marcum, “The Angolan Revolution”, Volume I, chapter 2.)

Holden Roberto, named after a Baptist missionary, was born in 1923 in Sào Salvador as...

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