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About The War In Angola
Ideological background: White

The Portuguese colonial point of view naturally developed historically.

It would always serve a humane purpose. One writer is under the impression that it can be found as far back as King Henry the Navigator, with his missionary drive as motive for his explorations. (A. Moreira, “Portugal’s stand in Africa”, English translation). While the religious motive eventually faded, the civilization motive stood central in Portuguese exploratory undertakings. That’s how it is being reasoned and argued. After Salazar came to power, this policy underwent a new formulation.

With regards to the colonial policy, the critique was focused on the system of forced labour. Overseas writes such as Nevinson, Harris and Ross continually hammered on this evil and as late as in 1954, Basil Davidson would still find “overwhelming evidence of slavery”. (R.H. Chilcote, “Portuguese Africa”, P. 13.)

Critique also developed from within, amongst others, from people holding important government posts, like Cunha Leal. Manuel de Melo and Pacheo de Amorim.

The man that probably contributed the most to the formulation of the philosophy behind the policy is...

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