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About The War In Angola
MPLA in war

After 1961 the MPLA continued operating rather remotely with some units in the south of the Dembos. The movement declined until it barely existed by 1963. Even so, a small group of Marxists at the head of the organisation persisted. They were supported by communists all over the world: Eastern Europe, Russia, Cuba and also China. Because of his communist intentions, the USA turned its back on Agostinho Neto in 1963.

During the MPLA’s first conference from 1 to 3 December 1962, in Kinshasa, the foundation of an organised structure was laid. Agostinho Neto was voted president; the post of Foreign Affairs was given to Mário de Andrade; the post of Military Matters was given to Manuel Lima; while the key post of political organiser was entrusted to the able Lucio Lara. Viriato da Cruz was pushed out of the organisation due to political differences.

After another unsuccessful effort to...

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