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About The War In Angola
Infiltration by UNITA and MPLA in Cuando-Cubango

The first signs of terrorism inside the Cuando-Cubango district occurred in 1966 in the form of attacks on a hunter, on a shop, and on the town of Santa Cruz. These terrorists, numbering between 150 and 200, were poorly armed.

In 1967 acts of terrorism increased with ambushed at Cuito-Cuanavale and attacks on the safari camps at Luengue, Kirongosi and Dima. It went hand in hand with loss of lives of military personnel, police, civilians and terrorists. It was most probably the work of UNITA which was only just founded in 1966 after Savimbi broke away from Holden Roberto’s FNLA, and moved his operational front to south-east Angola.

Second on the scene was the MPLA, better organised and with more determination. In 1967 the MPLA main administration decided, after creating Military Areas 1 and 2 (Northern Angola and Cabinda), to create Military Area 3 in eastern Angola after infiltration of the north-eastern areas were started in 1966. This area was subdivided into Zones A, B, (in the north-east) C, D and E (south-east), of which the last three were either completely or partly in the area where the RSA were involved. In August 1967 the MPLA, under the leadership of Alberto Mivuva, infiltrated the Cuando-Cubango district and organised...

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