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About The War In Angola
New regime in Angola

Operation SavannahIn Angola, Mozambique, and Guinea-Bissau, the Portuguese insurrection got another inflection. Here the construction of five centuries visibly collapsed. Here everything was much more final. Here, the essential human elements, from suffering to joy, achieved possibly more festive forms than in Portugal.

The coup of 25 April 1974 surprised Angola. Apparently the bulk of the population had not foreseen this at all. They were badly informed about the events in Portugal. That was because there was a ban on all reports which could harm the Caetano regime. Even Spinola’s book was not distributed in Angola at this stage. In it they finally had to read, to their astonishment, that the war could not be won. This all while, in their own opinion, the war in Angola was practically over in favour of Portugal.

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