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October 12, 1987

Today, from 06:45 in the morning, our column once again ran into attacking UNITA forces. The shooting continued for twenty minutes. The column was again fired upon with incendiary mortar shells. But the return fire of our combat means (B-10 anti tank guns; 120 millimeter mortars; BM-21 forty-barrel 122 millimeter caliber volley fire fired from “Ural” trucks; Grad-1P portable guns delivering 122 millimeter caliber volley fire) did not permit the UNITA forces to aim their guns accurately at us. Only one single mortar shell ever landed on one of the cars in our column while the rest were released without any impact.

At 10:40, the South African air force again appeared, bombing the location of the 21st brigade.

For the rest of the day, nothing of any particular importance happened except that now, on the R-123 radio station, we hear, quite clearly and precisely, South Africans discussing among themselves. Thank God that I still remember a little English.

And today, they suddenly began talking Polish on the air. I could make out clearly a few phrases in Polish: “What do you want?” “Very good.” And then, “I am listening attentively.” “Thank you.” The answer of the second speaker was not audible.

For a long time we speculated as to what this signified, until we realized that in fact maybe these were Polish émigrés in the South African army.

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