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November 12, 1987

Today in the morning, I turned on the radio and found out that Cuito-Cuanavale had been shelled during the night by long-range guns. Fortunately there were no casualties among us and the landing strip area (runway) was not damaged.

During the day, it was relatively quiet but towards evening, the Chief Advisor of the 59th brigade told us that, at the crossing of the Shambinga River, groups of soldiers from the 16th brigade, including those from Tactical Group were running with and without materiel, with weapons and without weapons, in a great panic and with “square eyes.” The 59th brigade fishes them out and collects them in one place. There they met with those «runners», shout slogans to them, appeal to them to calm down, but without getting any sense into them. They think of only how to “pick up their hands and feet” and clear out.

The Chief Advisor of the 59th brigade reported all this to the District Military Command who in turn promised to take appropriate measures. The 59th brigade also reported that one of its tanks had gotten stuck in the mud and had by now become buried up to its turret.

At 22.00, instructions were sent to us and to the 25th brigade that at this moment was standing at the Mianei River at our old location. The 25th brigade was to effect a raid in the area on the river Ube, whereas we should monitor the district of Viposhto where we are currently.

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