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The Destruction of 47 Brigade - Links
Preliminaries: The Plan - 4 Dec 2010

Gallery: Preliminaries - 4 December 2010
The battlefield
Fapla 2nd Battalion
Fapla's centre
Fapla's 1st Battalion
SADF MRL Battery
SADF 120mm mortars
A Coy in trouble
B Coy moves in
A Coy bushwacked!
MRLs fire a ripple
Fapla reinforced
The Destruction of 47 Brigade: The Plan - 5 Dec 2010

Gallery: The Destruction of 47 Brigade - 5 December 2010
The hot spot!
First ripple from the MRLs
First vehicles to cross
G-5's closing in
G-5s catch the BM-21s
UNITA 3rd Bn attacks!
32 Bn Buffels advancing
C Sqn advances on the left flank
BM-21s fire short
Fapla scores!
MRLs doing their work again
The destructive G-5s
The G-5s continued...
Fapla mortar fire
32 Bn OPOs deployed
Fapla mortar fire
Fapla positions
The D-30 Battery
As viewed by the OPO
The WWII Championships
The bridge is blocked!
BM-21s withdraw
T-54/55s destroyed
Combat Group Alpha
Unita under fire
Unita's right flank
Fapla infantry stands firm
Devastation at bridge
The OPO's view
MRLs target D-30 battery
MRL Devastation
Burning tanks!
32 Bn is hit!
Combat Group Alpha
Burning vehicles
Fapla left wing falls back
Fapla casualties
SADF/UNITA casualties
The participants

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