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About The War In Angola
Russian policy on Angola

During the Stalin–era there had been very little interest in Africa. With Krushchev a break-down of the Stalin-policy occurred, as well as reaction against Stalin’s off-sided policy on Africa. Stalin was accused that he had no understanding of the fact that the nationalist movements of Africa in reality opposed the views of the western world, therefore making them natural allies of Russia. After that there was an increased effort in the provision of aid to resistance movements in Africa, but it remained small in scale, especially after Russian support to Lumumba in Zaire resulted in failure. (R.M. Bigler, “Role of surrogate forces in Soviet penetration in Africa”, Bulletin of the African Institute, No’s 7 and 8, 1978, p. 251)

Until the nineteen-sixties most African countries displayed distrusted communism and the Soviet Union. Gradually Russia’s preparedness to supply weaponry changed the attitudes as one after the other initiated diplomatic relations with Russia. (A.Z. Rubenstein, “The Soviet Union’s imperial game in Africa”, Optima, Vol. 6 No. 3, p.119)

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