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About The War In Angola
Supply of weapons to UNITA

It happened on 8 October 1974 at Rundu, when representatives of Savimbi took possession of the weapons. There were ten 9 mm sub-machine guns, fifty 9 mm pistols and 6 000 cartridges. In order to maintain contact with UNITA leadership, Colonel I.R. Gleeson visited Luanda during the first week of December 1974 and made a recommendation that for the sake of goodwill clandestine aid should be provided to UNITA, especially in the form of food and clothing.

The next meeting occurred on 12 February 1975 at Cangumbe, in the neighbourhood of Luso. The Portuguese mediators, Dr. Vieira and Mr. Goveia Lopes, had arranged the meeting between the Chief of SADF Military Intelligence, Lt-Gen. H. de V. du Toit, Col. I. Gleeson, and Dr. Savimbi, accompanied by his military commander, Commandante Chivale, and his Secretary-General, N’Zau Puna.

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