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South African Armed Forces

Cradock Commando

Aanhou Wen - Victory through Perseverance

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Cradock Commando - (0 members)

The Cradock Commando's origins can be traced back to 1814, when the town of Cradock was established and a commando formed. Not much is known about the early history of the commando, but members had served in SWA during the First World War when Pte William Frederick Faulds, a mechanic of Cradock, earned the Victoria Cross for his bravety during the fighting at Delville Wood. The commando provided valuable help during the floods of 1974, and established a Civil Defence organisation in the town. By 1982, members of the commando had already served in the Operational Area three times. The commando also established an equestrian platoon which provided additional mobility to the unit during joint exercises with the SA Police during which they would help protect key installations in the area and man roadblocks. In 1980 the commando received the rights allowing free entry into the town of Cradock.

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Aanhou Wen - Victory through Perseverance



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