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South African Armed Forces

Special Forces Supply Depot

Inter Primus - Amongst The First

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Special Forces Supply Depot - (1 members)

Special Forces Supply Depot was initially formed as Reconnaissance Commando Supply Depot, part of Special Forces Headquarters.On 1 April 1978, the RC Stores Depot was established as a self-accounting SADF depot, situate at 81 Technical Stores Depot, and staffed by civilian ARMSCOR personnel. This unit's role was to see to and maintain all logistical, technical and other equipment for Special Forces. This included all equipment and material unique to Special Forces. During 1980/81 the stores relocated to The Kop at Swartkop Park. It was later redesignated Special Forces Stores Depot. In 1986 it became Special Forces Logistical Depot. In 1991, during the rationalisation and re-organisation within the Defence Force, the Special Forces Supply Depot was renamed 1 Maintenance Unit. When Special Forces Headquarters moved temporarily from Speskop to Defence Headquarters in 1992, 1 Maintenance Unit was relocated to Wallmanstal, north of Pretoria.[

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Inter Primus - Amongst The First



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