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South African Armed Forces

South African Irish Regiment

Faugh a Ballach - Clear the way

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South African Irish Regiment - (5 members)

The South African Irish Regiment (SAIR) was founded in Johannesburg during September 1914 (although its official establishment date is given as 11 Nov 1939). It saw action against the Germans in South West Africa, German East Africa, North Africa in the Western Desert. In 1946 it was reformed as the 22nd Field Regiment, SAA (SA IRISH), until 1960 when it reverted back to being an Infantry Regiment with the original name. It saw active duty in Angola and the Border war and formed part of 72 Motorised Brigade up to 1989 and then as part of 81 Armoured Brigade from 1989 until 1991.

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Faugh a Ballach - Clear the way



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