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South African Armed Forces

SA Navy Marines

Tot die Einde - All the Way

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SA Navy Marines - (6 members)

The Marines corps was set up as a sub-branch of the Navy in 1979, with the primary purpose of protecting harbours. Marines were deployed at Oshikati (Sector 10) and Katima Mulilo in South West Africa during the South African Border War, where they were responsible for patrolling the Zambezi River. They acted as regular infantry along the Border until 1988 and performed counter-insurgency operations inside South Africa. They trained and fielded a small reconnaissance detachment between 1983 and 1988, based from 111HPU [Harbor Protection Unit] on Red Hill above Simonstown, which had received airborne, diver and urban counter measures training from other army units within the SADF. During township duties in the mid 1980's the detachment used facilities at SAS Rand in Johannesburg and on Signal Hill outside of Heidelberg. They also had an amphibious landing capability by operating from SAS Tafelberg. The Marines were disbanded in 1989, following a major restructuring.

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Tot die Einde - All the Way



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