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South African Armed Forces

1 Construction Engineer Regiment

Laboramus Ubique - We Work Everywhere

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1 Construction Engineer Regiment - (9 members)

1 Construction Regiment was established in 1957 as the Mobile Battalion, which in 1959 became the Mobile Watch. In 1964 it eventually became 1 Composite Construction Regiment and in 1967 the 1 Construction Regiment. It was disbanded in 1968, but re-established as a Permanent force unit at the end of 1976 at Marievale near Springs. After 1977, it confined its activities to the operational area of South West Africa.

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Laboramus Ubique - We Work Everywhere



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User Posts and Comments
3068Posted by

Karl Swanepoel
on 1 March

RE: 1 Construction Engineer Regiment

Any one there in 85 86?...

3570Posted by

Fred paget
on 24 June

RE: 1 Construction Engineer Regiment

Hi I was in one construction i 85-86 my cpl was cpl norman my name was paget...

13142Posted by

Gary Porter
on 3 September

RE: 1 Construction Engineer Regiment

Hi... I was there in 85 and 86, was originally in Alpha Squad, and after basic went to Transport, had a Staff Sergeant who loved his milk and Mainstay, cant remember his name. Joined the RP's in COMOPS, to work outside the camp.

If I remember rightly I was the only 17yr old English soutie the volunteered... of course I kaked... lol

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