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South African Armed Forces

63 Mechanised Battalion Group

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63 Mechanised Battalion Group - (4 members)

63 Mechanised Battalion Group (63 MECH) [Afr: 63 Gemeganiseerde Bataljongroep] was an ad-hoc mechanised unit formed from and based on 8 SAI elements in 1989 for Operations Merlyn and Agree. The unit generally included two mechanised infantry companies (A&B Coys), a tank squadron (C Sqn), a G5 battery (S Battery), an armoured car squadron (E Sqn), an air defence troop (F Sqn), an engineer troop and a support company including mortar, antitank and assault pioneer platoons. From 1990 the unit deployed internally in South Africa.

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16036Posted by

Stephen Benyon
on 7 September

RE: 63 Mechanised Battalion Group

The name of 63 Mech unit was first told to us in October 1988. The support company (Oscar) comprising of anti-tank, storm troopers (Sappers), 81mm mortars and its logistical team were taken from 1SAI and moved to Upington (8SAI) so that they could integrate with 8SAI infantry companies who had just changed to mechanised infantry. This took place at Lohatla during the brigade exercise Sweepslag prior to the 1988 intakes being sent to the border. Battalion command was in the capable hands of "Blok" Liebenberg, ex 61 Mech. Upon final integration we then moved to SWA with the equipment we trained on sent up beforehand. Initially we were camped behind 61 Mech but were moved to various bases finally landing up back at Lohatla after leaving SWA when the withdrawals of SADF after Resolution 435 came back on stream. ...

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