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South African Armed Forces

Bophuthatswana Defence Force Headquarters

Motswa Setshabeng Tirelong Ya Setshabe - Serve the Community

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Bophuthatswana Defence Force Headquarters - (0 members)

The Bophuthatswana Defence Force Headquarters (BDF HQ) [Afr: Bophuthatswana Weermag Hoofkwartier] consisted of a Chief of Staff Personnel (including the Chief Military Law Officer, Military Police and sport sections), Chief of Staff Intelligence, Chief of Staff for Communication Operation (COMOPS, which included the BDF Band and Entertainment Group), Chief of Staff Operations (who controls the BDF Task Force), Chief of Staff Training (in control of the Military School at Molopo), Chief of Staff Logistics (who is responsible for the BDF Depot, One Maintenance Unit and Technical Service Unit), Chief of Staff Finance, Chief of Staff Medical Services (with an Operational Medical Wing and Medical Stores), Senior Staff officer (lt. col.) telecommunications, and Chief Chaplain.

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Motswa Setshabeng Tirelong Ya Setshabe - Serve the Community



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