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South African Armed Forces

2 Medical Battalion Group

Adiuvamus Ad Victorium - Help to the Victor

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2 Medical Battalion Group - (0 members)

2 Medical Battalion Group was established in Johannesburg on 5 November 1981 (with the other Medical Battalion Groups) after amalgamation of the following subunits: 10 Field Ambulance Unit (established 1961), 13 Field Ambulance Unit (established 1964), 6 Mobile Hospital and 7 Mobile Hospital. Both 2 Medical Battalion Group and 5 Medical Battalion Group were consolidated into the newly re-established 6 Medical Battalion Group on 1 September 1992, and based at the old 1 Military Hospital in Voortrekkerhoogte until 1993, and then in a Joint Headquarters with Witwatersrand Medical Command in Braamfontein until 1994. After the formation of the South African Military Health Service (SAMHS) of the new South African National Defence Force in 1994, 2 Medical Battalion Group has therefore effectively ceased to exist as a self-accounting unit.

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Adiuvamus Ad Victorium - Help to the Victor



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