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South African Armed Forces

Military Civil Co-Operation Unit (MCCU)

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Military Civil Co-Operation Unit (MCCU) - (1 members)

The Military Civil Cooperation Unit (MCCU) [Afr: Militere Burgerlike Samewerkingseenheid] was established in the early 1990s as a civil affairs unit under the Military Intelligence Division (MID) with the purpose to take account of the social, political, cultural, religious, economic, environmental and humanitarian factors during military operations. The unit was often mistaken for the badged unit of the more infamous 'Civil Cooperation Unit' (a clandestine unit run by the State Security Council during latter stages of Apartheid) but It was nothing more than a Civil-Military Co-Operation (CIMIC) unit, i.e. a 'Hearts and Minds' unit, providing for co-ordination and co-operation between the SADF and relevant civil parties, including the national population and local authorities, as well as national and non-governmental organisations and agencies.

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