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South African Armed Forces

3 Medical Battalion Group

Semper Parati - Always Prepared

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3 Medical Battalion Group - (5 members)

3 Medical Battalion Group was established on 5 November 1981 from the composition of 3, 12, and 20 Field Ambulance Units, but it can date its origins back to 21 October 1899 when the Volunteer Medical Staff Corps was established in King William's Town in the present day Eastern Cape, then known as the Cape Colony. Three Medical Battalion Group's predecessor, the Volunteer Medical Staff Corps, was awarded the King's Colours by King Edward VII for its services rendered during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902. The unit was the only non-combat unit in South Africa to receive this honour from the British monarchy. It is currently based at Fort iKapa military base in Goodwood, Cape Town, and was one of the first three Medical Bn Groups established in the SADF. The function of the group is primarily the delivering of a comprehensive support service to the formation it is attached to during conventional operations and exercises, as and when detached.

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Semper Parati - Always Prepared



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