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South African Armed Forces

Directorate of Special Tasks

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Directorate of Special Tasks - (4 members)

The Directorate of Special Tasks (DST) [Afr: Direktoraat Spesiale Take (DST)] was established in Nov 1976 a highly clandestine operation under Military Intelligence Division (MID). During Operation DISA, it provided materiel and logistics support and coordinated special operations after the withdrawal of the Savannah forces. In 1978 it went on to be a major player in supporting anti-Marxist guerillas against SWAPO/FAPLA et al. By the mid-1980s, DST's functions as well as those of some other structures were centralised under the Directorate Intelligence Operations. During the 1986/87 period a new sub-division of MID was established called Intelligence Operations, under which DST resided. DST was disbanded in 1991 and all records destroyed except one project that was reported to the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission (TRC).

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15391Posted by

Johan Schoeman
on 20 July

RE: SADF Directorate of Special Tasks

Message sent in by [Anonymous]:

"The Directorate of Special Tasks (DST) was established Nov 76 & first functional head was Col Cor van Niekerk. Unit reported into Military Intelligence. Operation DISA provided materiel & logistics support & coordinated special ops after withdrawal of SAVANNAH.DST Rundu office was taken over by Col Marius Oelschig in 78 & went on to be a major player in supporting anti-Marxist guerillas against Swapo/Fapla et al. Five men teams operated independently and was supported by Recce 1, 32/31 Battalion initially & became a major destabilisation force running ops named Silwer/Drama/Piki Punda/Milia/Altar/Plathond & Capsize/Latsa. Unit was disbanded in 91 and all records destroyed except 1 project that was reported to the TRC. To make a long story short 38 yrs later I suffer from PTSD with no cure. I hugely respect all Angola/SA veterans and can only wish they all can cope with what they have gone through. Regards"...

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