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South African Armed Forces

Directorate Covert Collection

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Directorate Covert Collection - (0 members)

The Directorate Covert Collection (DCC) [Afr: Direktoraat Koverte Insameling (DKI)] was a military Intelligence formation of a civilian front organisation, within Military Intelligence Division (MID), to be funded out of the Special Defence account. Within the SADF, DCC was responsible for the small but significant covert collection of intelligence. The first DCC front was Pan-Afrik Industrial Investment Consultants CC (PAIIC CC). Registered on 7 November 1986, it functioned until 28 February 1993 and employed 49 personnel. Other fronts which were created included Africa Risk Analysis Consultants (ARAC), African Information Systems (AFRINFRO) (PTY) LTD and Longreach. In the mid-1980s, the DCC was headed by a Director who reported directly to the Chief of Staff Intelligence. DCC field offices were established in each territorial command.

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