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South African Armed Forces

Armaments Corporation of South Africa

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 Armaments Corporation of South Africa - (0 members)

Armscor was originally set up as a statutory corporation in terms of the Armaments Development and Production Act number 57 of 1968, and re-established in accordance with the Armscor Limited Act, 2003 (Act 51 of 2003). The Minister of Defence is the executive authority responsible for Armscor. The management and control of Armscor resides with a board of directors, while its day-to-day management vests in the hands of the management board. In the execution of its functions, Armscor maintains capabilities and technologies that are required to fulfil its mandate. These include appropriate programme-management systems, the Defence Industrial Participation Programme, and the management of technology projects and strategic facilities. Armscor acquires defence material for the Department of Defence and for any organ of state that may require such services, such as the SAPS and other public entities as approved by the Minister of Defence.

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