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South African Armed Forces

21 Squadron SAAF

Onoorwinklik - Unbeatable

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21 Squadron SAAF - (2 members)

21 Squadron [Afr: 21 Eskader] ]was originally formed on 8 May 1941 at Nakuru, Kenya, to eventually be renumbered as 25 Squadron on 1 January 1951. In February 1968 the squadron was reformed again, this time as a VIP squadron from part of 28 Squadron, equipped with a Viscount and three Dakotas, to be used in the VIP transport role. The first HS-125s arrived in 1970 and later Swaeringen Merlin IVA's were acquired in 1975. In 1981 the squadron moved to Waterkloof, the Viscount was tranferred to 44 Squadron in 1983 while the Merlins were sold in 1985. Two Beech KingAir 200Cs were also acquired, but one was later sold while the other was transferred to 41 Squadron. The HS-125s were disposed of in 1999. The squadron currently flies an all-jet VIP fleet, with the Dassault Falcon 50 being acquired in 1982 (plus another in 1985), two Cessna 550 Citation IIs in 1983 and the Dassault Falcon 900 in 1992.

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Onoorwinklik - Unbeatable



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