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South African Armed Forces

12 Squadron SAAF

Primus In Acien - First into Action

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12 Squadron SAAF - (3 members)

12 Squadron [Afr: 12 Eskader] was formed in December 1939. On 16 June 1940 it flew the first SAAF bombing raid against Italian forces in Abysinna. After the war, the squadron flew its aircraft back to Egypt, where, in November 1945, it was disbanded. It was re-formed in October 1946, equipped with Avro Anson aircraft, and later re-equipped with Sikorsky S-51 helicopters, mainly for anti-Tsetse fly spraying duties. It was eventually made into a flight of 28 Squadron. The squadron was re-formed in late 1963 to operate English Electric Canberra bombers.It was the only SAAF squadron equipped with Canberras, and they were used as both tactical bombers and high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. The squadron saw combat over Angola during the South African Border War, and remained active with these aircraft until disbanded in 1990.

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Primus In Acien - First into Action



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