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Union of South Africa Defence Force (UDF)
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Permanent Force (PF) - (0 members)

The Union of South Africa Defence Force was established when the South African Defence Act, No 13 of 1912, was published in November that year and included a Permanent Force (P.F.) [Afr: Staande Mag (S.M.)], comprising an Administrative and Instructional Staff, five regiments of mounted rifles (S.A.M.R.), five batteries of field artillery, and small medical, ordnance and supply cadres. There was also a Coast Garrison Force at Cape Town and Durban on a part-time basis, and the main force was to be the Active Citizen Force (A.C.F.), consisting of three batteries of field artillery, nine regiments of mounted riflemen - to be increased to 11 regiments and six independent squadrons - three brigades each of four battalions of infantry, an aviation corps, four mounted and three dismounted and three infantry brigade trains, two mounted brigade field ambulances - to be increased to seven - and two field ambulances.

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