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Union of South Africa Defence Force (UDF)
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South African Naval Forces (SANF) - (0 members)

The South African Naval Service (S.A.N.S.) [Afr: Suid-Afrikaanse Seediens] was established in 1922 when the British Admiralty presented the Union of South Africa with a survey ship, H.M.S.A.S. "Protea", and two minesweepers, H.M.S.A.S. "Immortelle" and "Sonneblom". In the same year H.M.S.A.S. "Afrikander" was also transferred to the S.A.N.S. In 1932, due to substancial reductions in strengths, the "Protea" was handed back to the Admiranlty, and in 1934 the S.A.N.S ceased to exist. In 1939 the the South African Seaward Defence Force [Afr: Suid-Afrikaanse Verdedigingsmag ter See] was started, and in 1942 it was amalgamated with the South African Divisions of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (R.N.V.R.(S.A.)) to form the South African Naval Forces (S.A.N.F.) [Afr: Suid-Afrikaanse Seemag (S.A.S.M.)]. South Africans of these forces served in many theatres of World War 2, especially in their own "little ships" in the Mediteranean. In 1951, the S.A.N.F. was added to the UDF as a Permanent Force Arm of the Union Defence Force and its name was changed to the South African Navy (SAN).

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