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South African Armed Forces

Southern Air Command (SAC)

Parati Ad Omnia - Prepared For Anything

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Southern Air Command (SAC) - (1 members)

Southern Air Command was a formation of the SAAF, active from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. The Command was co-located with the SA Navy at Silvermine, Cape Town. With air bases and squadrons at Ysterplaat, Langebaanweg and Port Elizabeth, maritime and land air operations were carried out in the Cape Province and the oceans surrounding the RSA. Close co-operation existed between WP and EP Commands and Naval Commands. Command and control was exercised through the Regional Command Post and two Forward Air Force Command Posts, and liaising with the Command post at Durban. AFB Rooikop situated at Walvis Bay also fell under this Command and was used by aircraft conducting maritime flights to and from the SA enclave. The proud history of operations and search and rescue missions had led to international recognition when ships of other nationalities were involved. Humanitarian operations were also regularly carried out with civil and government organisations, resulting in the rescue of survivors and the protection of property.

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Parati Ad Omnia - Prepared For Anything



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