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South African Armed Forces

Barkly East Commando

Hoop en Geluk - Hope and Fortune

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Barkly East Commando - (0 members)

The Barkly East Commando [Afr: Barkly-oos Kommando] fell under the command of the Group 39 Headquarters at Queenstown in the Eastern Province Command. Its well-known yellow flash with he hartebeest head was only authorised in 1986. The commando was apparently not disbanded with the other two commandos of the group when the Group 39 Headquarters was closed down in 1997, as it was later known as the East Border Commando, based at Elliot, under Group 46, at Umtata. This must have happened just before 1997 as the colours of the unit was only authorised under the new name of East Border Commando in early 1997.

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Hoop en Geluk - Hope and Fortune



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