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South African Armed Forces

Regiment De Wet

Trouheid hou die Wag - Loyalty keeps Watch

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Regiment De Wet - (2 members)

Regiment De Wet (RDW) was established at Kroonstad on 1 Apr 1934 one of six Afrikaans-speaking Citizen Force regiments established as part of the expansion of the then Union Defence Force of South Africa. The regiment was named after the OFS Boer War commandant, Christiaan de Wet. The regiment's headquarters was located in Kroonstad, a large town in the Orange Free State and a vital railway junction which gave some strategic importance. It was used to reinforce the ranks of Regiment President Steyn during World War 2, both of which WERE infantry units at that time. RPS was converted to an armoured car regiment and in 1975 to a tank regiment, but RDW remained infantry. RDW also served in numerous deployments in the Border War in SWA. The unit became part of the SANDF's Infantry Formation after 1994, and was absorbed into Regiment Bloemspruit on April 1 1997.

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Trouheid hou die Wag - Loyalty keeps Watch



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6502Posted by

James Gibson
on 14 June

RE: Regiment De Wet

Hi Johan

I thaught I'll post you the Older version of Regiment De Wet.

The Regiment de Wet is one of the units established as a result of the decision of the Union Government some years ago to bring the strength, organisation and equipment of the Defence Force up to the high standards necessary in face of the unsettled conditions of world affairs. This scheme has made most rapid strides and the fact that it has the wholehearted endorsement of the men of South Africa is well confirmed by the encouraging keenness and efficiency of units such as the Regiment de Wet. Kroonstad, the headquarters town of the Regiment, is the second largest Town in the Orange Free State and is a vital railway junction, a fact which gives it some strategical importance. ...

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