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South African Armed Forces

SAAF Air Logistics Command

Sustinemus - Support

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SAAF Air Logistics Command - (0 members)

Air Logistics Command was established at Voortrekkerhoogte on 1 July 1977. It is the largest command in the SAAF consisting of a headquarters, four maintenance depots, one supply depot, one air publications depot, a central photographic establishment, a combined auction centre and AFS Voortrekkerhoogte. The mission of the command is to provide optimal logistics support to SAAF operational units through the utilization of available resources to attain the operational requirement. The Command provides the specialist and logistic services namely engineering, maintenance and provisioning as recfuired by the SA Air Force. These include creating new designs, and approving modifications. Overall control is obtained through utilising highly sophisticated computer-controlled purchasing fa-cilities. The Air Force has over 778 000 items in its inventory, one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Sustinemus - Support



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