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South African Armed Forces

10 Engineer Regiment

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10 Engineer Regiment - (1 members)

10 Engineer Regiment [Afr: 10 Genieregiment] was established as 10 Engineer Squadron [Afr: 10 Genie-eskadron] as a Permamant Force engineer unit on 1 August 1975, and changed to 10 Engineer Regiment on 8 December 1988. The Unit emblem was approved on 2 July 1978 and it received its National Colours on 31 May 1990. The Unit flag was approved on 10 May 1991. On 30 November 1990 the unit was amalgamated with 15 Engineer Regiment (as part of Project 2000). On December 2002, it became C Squadron of 1 Construction Regt, to be finally closed down and relocated to Military Base Dunnottar in December 2004

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