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South African Armed Forces

Sector 60 Headquarters

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Sector 60 Headquarters - (0 members)

Originally known as the Northern SWA Group [Afr: Noordelike SWA Groep] under Cmdt D.S. Maartens of the Central SWA Rifle Commando, the Headquarters was formally established as Commando Group 28 Headquarters [Afr: Hoofkwartier, Kommandogroep No. 28] at Grunau in 1974, under the command of Chief Cmdt D.J. de Villiers, as part of the then SWA Command. The Headquarters was converted into a Sector Headquarters called Sector 60 [Afr: Hoofkwartier, Sektor 60], at Keetmanshoop in 1976, and in August 1980 it became one of the four sectors which specifically fell directly under South-West African Territory Force (SWATF) control. The units under its command were collectively known as Group 28 before 1974. Each sector had its own headquarters which was responsible for the command and administration of Area Force Units in its Area of Responsibility. Sector 60 comprised of a Headquarters in Keetmanshoop, and the Keetmanshoop, Karasburg, Lüderitz, Oranjemund, Bethaniën and Namaland Area Force Units fell under its direct command. The sector was actively involved with the provision of assistance during the flooding of the Orange River in 1988 as well as other disaters. The sector was deactivated when the SWATF was demobilised on 1 June 1989.

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