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South African Armed Forces

701 Battalion

Chenjela - Beware

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701 Battalion - (6 members)

33/701 Battalion (701 BN) [Afr: 701 Bataljon] was formed in 1977 as 33 Battalion (33 BN) [Afr: 33 Bataljon] and renamed to 701 Battalion as part of the SWATF in 1980. It was based in Mpacha, Caprivi, in Sector 70. It took part in operations into Zambia and from 1978 deployed companies into Kavango, Kaokoland and Owambo. From 1983 a company of Marines were attached. It had an attached SWATF armoured car squadron and artillery battery.

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Chenjela - Beware


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14845Posted by

Charl Parkin
on 19 May

RE: 701 Battalion

701 Battalion was founded on 15 August 1977 as 33 Battalion. Initially a SA Defence Force Unit under the command of Major G. Preston-Thomas, it had a strength of one company. It was mainly deployed inside Caprivi but took part in a number of external operations.

During 1980, with the establishment of the SWA Territory Force, the unit became part of the new dispense and the name was changed to 701 Battalion. Today it is one of the six full-time units of the SWA Territory Force in the operational area.

Since 1980 the unit was also deployed in other parts of South West Africa, such as the Kaokoland, Ovambo and Kavango. It participated in major external operations such as Smokeshell, Protea and Carnation. During these operations the unit lost 8 Caprivians and 2 SA members in battle.

The unit's flash was officially introduced during 1982 during the command of Cmdt J. A. Victor. It depicts an elephant head. The unit consisted mainly of Caprivian members. The language medium for instruction was English.

Members of 701 Battalion performed an improvised traditional war dance at Winners' Night 1987....

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