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South African Armed Forces

13 Field Engineer Regiment

Fac et Gloria - Ensure the Glory

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13 Field Engineer Regiment - (1 members)

13 Field Engineer Regiment [Afr: 13 Genie Veldregiment] was originally established at Potchefstroom as an Afrikaans-speaking Citizen Force engineer unit, 13 Veldeskadron [Eng: 13 Field Squadron] (establishmnet dates or location could not be confirmed). The unit formed part of 82 Mechanised Brigade (right from the brigade's inception in 1974. Some time after 1988 the squadron was upgraded to regimental status and renamed to 13 Field Engineer Regiment. The Regiment played a major role in the lifting- and laying- of minefields during Operation Packer at Cuito Cuanavale in Angola in March/April 1988. After 8 Division's brigades were disbanded in 1992, the Regiment fell directly under the new Divisional Headquarters, until the Division's final disbandment in 1997, whereupon the Regiment was most probably also disbanded as it does not exist in the new SANDF Ordfer Of Battle. It may even have been amalgamated with another engineer unit.

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Fac et Gloria - Ensure the Glory



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