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South African Armed Forces

SA Military Intelligence College

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SA Military Intelligence College - (0 members)

The South African Military Intelligence College (SAMIC) was established at Fort Klapperkop on 2 June 1975 and utilised the buildings of the Radcliffe Observatory with the Directorate Military Intelligence. Before 1975 infantry officers were trained as intelligence officers at the Infantry School at Oudtshoorn. Infantry officers had the choice of either becoming an infantry platoon commander, an infantry transport officer or an intelligence officer. The main dome of the observatory was renovated into a conference facility. Offices developed into classrooms, "temporary" class-rooms were erected and the houses of the observatory personnel developed into guesthouses for guests of the Chief of Intelligence. House Orion was rebuilt and extended after it burned down in the eighties. It was renamed to the South African Defence Intelligence College in 1998.

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