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South African Armed Forces

Kaffrarian Rifles

Nunc Animis - Now with Courage/Now without Fear

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Kaffrarian Rifles - (4 members)

The Kaffrarian Rifles was raised in East London on December 20, 1883. It was mobilised for the Anglo South African War in 1899. During the German South West African campaign the regiment served under General Louis Botha. During the 1939-45 war, it was part of 4 SA Brigade in North Africa and was captured with 2 SA Division at Tobruk in 1942. It also served in the Border War, fighting in Soth West Africa, Angola and Zambia. In order to keep pace with the changing political climate in South Africa, the regiment was renamed the Buffalo Volunteer Rifles in 1999.

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Nunc Animis - Now with Courage/Now without Fear



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5908Posted by

James Gibson
on 8 April

RE: Kaffrarian Rifles

Hi Johan, I have the following History on this Unit, from the olden days. Note the Regiment Badge of those days compared to the existing Regiment Badge. This Regiment was also involved in Operation Savannah in 1975-76. How I know, they were on the Border the same time we (Regiment East Rand)were there.

The history of the Kaffrarian Rifles goes back to the formation of the Buffalo Volunteer Rifles in 1876. In 1883 this unit was reformed and later acquired the present designation. The Regiment was reorganized in 1934 with headquarters at East London, and with a support company at Kingwilliams-town. After a short period as a machine-gun Battalion, it resumed its previous status as a Rifle Battalion, with light machine guns, anti-tank guns and light mortars included in the armament. The Gaika-Galeka War of 1877-78 gave the unit its baptism of fire and it has since seen service in Bechuanaland,1897, the South African War 1899-1902, the Natal Rebellion 1906, and the South West African Campaign 1914-15. In 1927 the Regiment was officially allied to the King's Royal Rifle Corps. ...

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