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South African Armed Forces

38 Engineer Support Unit

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38 Engineer Support Unit - (3 members)

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2386Posted by

Mark Billingham
on 11 December

RE: Do you Know 32?

This must be the unit flash for 38 Engineer Support Unit, a citizen force unit ,that I was a member of, H.Q. was in Pretoria. The units members mainly came from Pretoria and Durban. Durban members being slightly in the majority. I did my first camp in 1980 but the unit was in existence at least 2 years before this. At first the unit was made up of a mixture of combat engineers and ordinary sappers but as time went by it evolved into afully combat unit. I never ever saw the units flash but i have no doubt that this is it. I see you do not have it listed under the engineer Units. ...

2394Posted by

Johan Schoeman
on 13 December

RE: Do you Know 32?

Thanks, Mark.
I did not have any engineer units listed with the number 38, so that's why I decided to include it in the Who Knows section. The only unit I could find starting with 38 was 38 Field Workshop (Tiffies), which led me to suspect that there might have been a 38 Engineer Squadron of some sort. There was a 35 Field Park Squadron, a 35 Survey Squadron and a 35 Field Workshop, but nothing engineering wise for 36, 37 or 38. Not being sure, I rather left it out until I get confirmation from someone who was there, like you...;-)
Thanks again....

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