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South African Armed Forces

Chief of Staff Personnel (CS1)

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Chief of Staff Personnel (CS1) - (0 members)

The Personnel Section [Afr: Afdeling Personeel] had been established at the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) [Afr: Verdedigingshoofkwartier (VHK)], Pretoria, in various forms since 1912. On 29 September 1970 the Chief of Personnel [Afr: Hoof van Personeel] was renamed to Director General Personnel (DGP) [Afr: Direkteur-Generaal Personeel (DGP)]. After the post of Chief of Defence Administration (CDA) [Afr: Hoof van Weermag-administrasie (HWA)] had been disolved on 15 April 1974 the title of Director General Personnel was changed to Chief of Staff Personnel (CSP) [Afr: Hoof van Staf Personeel (HSP)]. This new staff section was responsible to the Chief of the SADF to exclusively handle all personnel matters of the SADF. It was the first of the initial four staff sections and thus numbered as CS1 [Afr: HS1]. Each service, the SA Army, the SA Air Force, the SA Navy, and the SA Medical Service, had its own personnel staff function.

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