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South African Armed Forces

Chief of Staff Finances (CS5)

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Chief of Staff Finances (CS5) - (0 members)

The Chief of Staff Finances (CSF) provided finance-based staff services to the Chief of the SADF as the fifth Staff Section and numbered as such (CS5) [Afr: HS5]. CSF came into being after the Comptroller SADF was redesignated Chief of Staff Management Services (CSMS) on 5 Nov 1976. With effect from 13 Feb 1978 CSMS became Chief of Staff Finance. With the exception of the Directorates Documentation Service and Computer Systems, the Section was concerned with purely financial matters. By 1979 the CSF consisted of seven directorates: Programming and Budget, Accounts, Financial Administration, Internal Audit, Chief Pay Master, Computer Systems and Finance Training, following the transfer of Documentation Service to CSI on 31 Dec 1981. The staff sections were all based at Defence HQ (DEQUARIA) in Pretoria. Each service had its own finance staff division.

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