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South African Armed Forces

Congella Regiment

Khangeia Amankengane - To keep watch on the strangers

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Congella Regiment - (4 members)

The Congella Regiment was born of an amalgamation of citizen force personnel attached to local Commando's and originally occupied Bluff Commando Headquarters at Salisbury Island. It was granted regimental status in 1980. Despite being one of the youngest citizen force units in South Africa, it can trace its roots to the true battle of Congella on 23 May 1842, when the British troops were beaten by the Boers in the vicinity of Maydon Wharf. This resulted in the Regiment's name being chosen through its historical association with Durban. The Regiment was one of a number of infantry units available to the OC Natal Command for Rural and Urban Counter Insurgency Operations, and has executed both border and township protection duties in prevention of illegal incursions. It was later moved to Blamey Road, Montclair and from 1990, it formed part of Group 10.

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Khangeia Amankengane - To keep watch on the strangers



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