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War In Angola Newsletters Volume 3 - Download for Free!

Welcome to the THIRD VOLUME of the War In Angola Newsletters. Coming In the following volume of 26 issues, look out for the following features:

  •  We start a new series of articles of OPERATION SAVANNAH from March 2012; which will include the battles and clashes at Norton de Matos, Artur de Paiva, Evale, and Perreira de Eça;
  • The Prelude to the participation of the South African defence Force to the Angolan Civil War will continue with articles on the support and aid provided to the FNLA and UNITA;
  • We will look at the actions in Northern Angola during 1975; culminating in the Attack on Luanda and the subsequent withdrawal from Ambrizete;
  • Featured Equipment will focus on landmines, mine detectors, night scopes and radios used by both sides;
  • Operation Hooper will conclude with “The second attack on Tumpo”;
  • The final big battle and encounters of Operations Packer and Displace will be covered;
  • Extracts from the ‘Memoirs of a Russian Advisor’ will continue with the second set of the 52 parts which started in the second volume;
  • A series of articles on Operations Olyfhout, Super and Boomslang will be coinciding with the thirtieth commemoration of those operations in 1982;
  • Danie Matthee’s series of Afrikaans articles on the experiences of army life will continue with “Ag man dit ‘WAS’ lekker in die Army”;
  • Unit Flashes with a short history following in the subsequent issue will start again in this issue;
  • This past week: “Somewhere on the Border…”, starting with events from as far back as 1960 and before...
  • The coming week’s military and military hobby related events will continue to be listed;
  • Special offers on books, models, posters, and other items of interest that you can order, may be featured every week;
  • The past week’s latest Forum posts (about 9 of them) will again be listed on the final page.
  • Separate articles from the WarBlogs as well as the War In Angola websites may be included on an ad-hoc basis;
  • Contributions made by members of the War In Angola website may also be considered for inclusion in future issues.


War In Angola Newsletters Volume 3 - Download for Free!

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