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Holden Roberto misses his chance

Except for a force intended to advance from Ambriz southward to Luanda, Roberto’s soldiers were well spread out, just as it was the case with UNITA- and FNLA units in Central- and Southern-Angola. There were 2 000 at Carmona (Uige), 1 000 at Santo Antònio do Zaïre at the Congo estuary, 600 each at both Ambrizette and Teixeira de Sousa, and 650 intended for the capture of Henrique de Carvalho (Saurimo).

ELNA had to first wait for supplies. On 7 October the CIA started with a comprehensive armament supply programme when a total of one-and-a-half million kilograms (1 500 tons) were supplied at a rate of 10 000 kilograms per day. (J. Stockwell, In search of enemies, a CIA story, pp. 208-209) These figures apparently apply to the entire Angola and not just the northern front.

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