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The capture of Pereira de Eça

On 1 October the MPLA forces, under the leadership of Commandante Cowboy, drove the UNITA forces out of Pereira de Eça (Ongiva) (It was named after General Pereira de Eça, who, in 1914, replaced Colonel Roçades as commander of the Portuguese forces in Angola and continued his work of subjecting the hostile natives in Southern-Angola to Portuguese rule. On 5 September 1915 he captured Ongiva, the capital of the Kuanyamas, with the help of Boer volunteers. – N.A. Burger, Die Dorslandtrek, ‘n historiese-geografiese studie 1870-1954, a doctoral work at the University of the Orange Free State. 1978, pp. 459-459.), and also from a large part of the Cunene-district. This fact filled even the local FNLA leaders with dread, and that was the reason why Pereira de Eça was selected as Task Force Zulu’s first target. On Sunday, 19 October, Task Force Zulu advanced via Anhanca where resistance had been expected, but nothing happened, up to five kilometres from Pereira de Eça where they occupied a temporary laager area in the bush.

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